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To make sure our customers receive the most cost-effective filtration products and superior service available.

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Welcome To Kyana Filter Sales and Service

Kyana Filter Sales and Service has over 15 years’ experience and knowledge as a supplier of filtration products.

Kyana Filter supplies HVAC equipment, industrial supplies, and filtration management solutions for hospitals, schools, office buildings, casinos, energy companies, paint & body shops, government facilities, and industrial manufacturing facilities.

Our products include HVAC Air filters, Water filters, Hydraulic filters, Air Compressor filters, Paint Booth Filtration, Gas filters, carbon filters, HVAC bag and Bag House Socks, and FDA approved filters for the food industry. We supply any and all filters for almost any Filtration application.

When using our service, we save our customers on freight, labor, storage and disposal fees.  Our goal is to assure that our customers receive the most cost-effective products and services.


Our experienced personnel are trained to work very closely with our customers to deliver the upmost customer satisfaction.

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09:00am – 4:00pm


We are closed

We are closed

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